Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Shutting down

I'm not going to be posting here again for a while. Email me privately if you want details.

Friday, May 27, 2005

5 day cotehardie

This weekend's event is up in the Gold Country. Hot weather! All I had in my wardrobe was Germans or Elizabethans - neither one loved for it's hot-weather properties. Multiple layers of wool and brocade tend to not keep the wearer cool.

I've used the sloper to make a linen cotehardie for this weekend. For my non-SCA readers, that's a fairly early-period (for me) dress with princess-like seams that hugs the body and can be very flattering to the shape. Also fairly simple to make, if you have a good pattern. Lucky me - I do!

CToni's awesome sloper pattern and methodology have allowed me to create the pattern, make a mock-up, adjust, and make the dress in less than one week - I started on Monday night. Tonight I'll sew the hem and finish the sleeves and now I've got something new to wear. Linen is your friend in the heat.

This whole process has gone extremely smoothly. That is an entirely new phenomenon for me, since my previous methodology for sewing was to kluge together whatever I could invent without any reference to basic patternmaking skills, since I didn't have any. I can't believe how easy things are when you do it the right way.

Color me astonished.

Monday, May 23, 2005


So while I've been working on making a basic body block pattern (called a sloper) with callistotoni, I've been thinking to myself, "Yes, this is all well and good, but what do I do with it? I mean, it's not like anything I want to make would use this shape - come on, darts???"

Patience, young apprentice, patience.

Yesterday Toni finished my sloper and explained to me what I do with it. It all makes sense now. I wish I'd known about this earlier, I would have drafted up a sloper years ago if only I'd known the power of the force!! Er, I mean the power of the sloper... Once you have one you make a muslin, put it on, draw on it the seam lines you WANT for your new pattern, cut along those lines, smash it down flat and there's your new pattern. I thought it was going to be a lot more complicated. What a revelation! That's my lesson for the month, and I'm so happy. I can't believe I've gotten as far as I have without knowing this.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Additional notes

1. I never said I was SURPRISED I had anemia. The only meat I get is in the HMR entrees, which isn't much, and occasionally when I eat at restaurants.

2. I used to fear hunger and immediately quench it. Now it is something that I expect to feel daily, and if I don't I know I am feeding my body more than it needs. Hunger is not my enemy, it is my body's natural signal to me that I need to eat something, but it can be assuaged with something small - a piece of fruit usually.

3. Eating foods I am not used to actually makes me feel bad. I feel sluggish and "off" if I eat a very rich meal, frequently even nauseous. I know that if I stick to the foods I've listed, I will feel good. I haven't been sick since I started this regimen.

4. I am constantly conscious of my dietary needs, and I plan for it every single day. For work it is simply a matter of making up my "food bag" for the day. For weekends it's more difficult because I must plan for the unexpected and I don't want to feel hungry as much if I'm doing something active, so I will plan to eat more on those days.

Weight Management Notes

I'm going to do some thinking out loud and legitimate journaling here, by which I mean this may not be of interest to anyone but me.

Lifestyle Change

Here is my daily regimen, followed by Calorie impact:
6AM: 1 HMR shake 100
6:15: 40 minute run -480
8:00: Oatmeal & coffee 200
10:00: grapes 75
10:30: protein bar 160
11:45: baked potato,salt&Pepper 150
12:30: lunchtime walk -120
13:00: HMR entree 200
14:00: banana 150
14:30: hot tea 0
15:30: apple 75
15:30: baby carrots 50
17:30: bread with jam 100
18:00: veggie stir-fry 150
(gr beans, asparagus, broccoli, etc, my own sauce, no oil)
18:00: HMR entree 200
18:00: mozarella/tomato salad 300
20:30: frozen mango 75
(or other fruit)

Total In: 1985
Burned: 600
Net cal: 1385

This is an ideal day. Not every day goes this well, and I only run on MWF. This is also a day that I have not eaten any food that I did not prepare myself. Days when I eat at restauraunts invariably have a higher calorie total and net. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I walk two or three times throughout the day, bringing my burned calories to 240 or 360. I always shoot to burn at LEAST 300 calories every day. Most days I achieve this.

Weekends are a little different, but I know which foods I can safely eat, and anything else requires problem-solving and calculations.

Eating this way keeps me sane and stress-free. I do not go out to lunch at work unless I have planned for it and mentally prepared. I do not eat "incidental" foods at work (candy, donuts, etc). The switch in my head has been flipped - I now cannot have a non-diet day without preparation and contemplation. Having a Weight Managament day is my expectation for myself, and any deviation is stressful and mentally taxing to me.

I write down everything that I eat in my notebook, I calculate my net every single day.
This is how I stay sane. This is how I love myself.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Last night at dance practice...

Saw the roster of dance competitions for the rest of the year. At A&S in July it's Specchio d'Amore. This is the dance that Vyncent and I reconstructed for the competition at Estrella in February. To my knowledge there are exactly two people who know this dance in the entire world - me and Vyncent.

"So, how can Specchio be the competition, there are only two people that know it?"
"We thought you'd teach it first and then judge the competition."
"OK! Were you going to ask me at some point before A&S?"
"We thought you'd just figure it out between now and then with your mutant psychic powers."

So, to sum up, I'm teaching it at A&S! Then we'll be doing it as a demonstration dance at the Arts Fete in August.
Yay complex Italian dances!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I have a huge stack of books waiting for me to read them. I have no time.

Monday night I had dinner with JT, followed by coffee at Books, Inc. I picked up a new book of short stories by James Alan Gardner, one of my favorite SciFi authors (Check out "Expendable" if you've never heard of him), and the Complete Saki, who everybody but me has already read, apparently. JT snatched it from my hands in the middle of the Fiction section and promptly read me one of the short stories. Nobody's read aloud to me since I was a child, and I kinda like it.

But this still doesn't solve my dilemma, which is that I've now got two MORE books in my stack and no time.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mystery solved

I got the results on Friday for the blood tests from two weeks ago. Everything came up normal except one thing: I've got mild anemia and have been advised to take a daily iron supplement.

A quick google of iron deficiency anemia turns this up: "Some people with iron deficiency anemia always feel cold. They feel cold because iron plays a role in regulating the body's temperature."

I'm off to get some iron supplements.